At Synchrony we offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

We all have a unique combination of how we understand , process , regulate and express ourselves.Sometimes we are curious to learn more about this combination and sometimes this combination needs more resources . Therapy is a service provided by a trained professional that offers a safe space to co-create an experience of learning about oneself and our feelings . This co-created space allows for non judgmental , empathetic and confidential exploration. Therapeutic approaches vary based on different Psychological frameworks that they are drawn from. Each framework offers its own understanding of exploring one’s experiences and psyche.

This exploration can help an individual/ group get a better understanding of themselves or focus on specific challenges

What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy ?

Dance Movement Psychotherapy integrates the role of body and movement in the exploration of emotions and experiences. We believe in looking at the body and mind as two elements of a larger whole that contribute to an individual's experience of the world and themselves with it.

This form of therapy incorporates natural patterns of communication as seen in movement and rhythms of the body to understand behavioural and emotional responses. These interactions are looked through a lens of psychological theories and movement therapy practices. The therapeutic process builds on this body based exploration by integrating it with verbal dialogue and processing. This process of interaction and reflection is embedded in embodied indigenous knowledge, research based practices and neuro-scientific evidence.

There is no requirement of prior Dance experience. Dance Movement Psychotherapy is open to anybody who is curious to explore or looking to learn alternate coping strategies.

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